Kone’s Prince (eBook)

Pekka Herlin led KONE Corporation to unprecedented international success, making it a role model for other Finnish expansionist companies. In the process, he became a legend in his own time, but the brighter the light cast on any legend, the longer and more disturbing its shadow is likely to be.

KONE’s long-time CEO Pekka Herlin was a businessman, farmer and sailor, a complex individual who was both feared and adored.
KONE’s Prince addresses openly for the first time this very complicated pioneer’s life and personality. He was a contradictory soul, who left behind both great personal wealth and his children’s relationship with each other in tatters.

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ISBN: 978-951-1-25475-1

Julkaisukuukausi: 01.2011

Kirjastoluokka: 99.1

Kustantamo: Otava

Asiasana:  John Simon Otava Sähkökirjat