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Into the driver’s seatStories about entrepreneurs and CapMan
  • ISBN: 9789511280897
  • Kääntäjä:
  • Julkaisuaika: 2014
  • 287 sivua
  • Kirjastoluokka: 69.1

Marko Erola

Into the driver’s seat

Stories about entrepreneurs and CapMan

The Finnish private equity pioneer CapMan has developed and expanded companies and steered them into international waters for a quarter of a century, through boom to recession and back again. Along the way there have been brilliant decisions and not-so-inspired moves, visionary entrepreneurs and dodgy businessmen, strokes of pure luck and unforeseen setbacks – and many, many white-knuckle moments that the dry press releases choose to ignore.

CapMan opened its files to author Marko Erola. Into the Driver’s Seat – Stories About Entrepreneurs and CapMan emerged on the basis of collecter investment memos, exit proposals, and personal interviews. The book is an exceptionally honest and candid description of what really happened inside Finndomo, Tokmanni, Mehiläinen, and many other Finnish, Nordic, and Russian companies when the venture capitalists came in and rolled up their sleeves.

Into the Driver’s Seat is more than just a collection of exciting stories. The cooperation enjoyed down the years with hundreds of entrepreneurs and corporate executives has given CapMan a knowledge-base that is invaluable for anyone with an interest in owning and running a business, in investment, or in the development of society as a whole.