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The Canine Kalevala
  • Alkuteos: Koirien Kalevala
  • ISBN: 9789511124429
  • Kääntäjä:
  • Julkaisuaika: 2015
  • 63 sivua
  • Kuvitettu
  • Kirjastoluokka: 85.25

Mauri Kunnas, Tarja Kunnas

The Canine Kalevala

Long, long ago, when the world was still young, there dwelt in the far-off land of Kalevala a tribe of wild and woolly dogs. Their neighbour in the gloomy North was a pack of mean and wicked wolves. Between them lived a small but tough clan of cats. The dogs and wolves vied for sovereignty of the forests, and this often gave rise to some pretty fierce squabbles.