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Twelve gifts for Santa Claus
  • Alkuteos: 12 lahjaa joulupukille
  • ISBN: 9511102591
  • Kääntäjä:
  • Julkaisuaika: 2006
  • 38 sivua
  • Kuvitettu
  • Kirjastoluokka: 85.25

Mauri Kunnas, Tarja Kunnas

Twelve gifts for Santa Claus

What can an elf give Santa for Christmas? Little Willie decides that twelve good deeds would be a very special surprise. Knitting a hat, cleaning Santa’s workshop, making a skating rink on the front steps… Willie’s surprises don’t turn out quite the way he planned, but his deeds are still gifts for Santa – in an unexpected way.

A companion book to Kunnas’s Santa Claus, this is a story, for any time of year, about sharing the gift of happiness with others.